MySchoolMemoirs: The 'Kukkility Op Merky!'- A hilarious encounter

The 'Kukkility Op Merky!'- A hilarious encounter

It's an English class and Mr. Perumalraj, popularly known as 'Karate Master'  is the teacher.

He asks a student to read a poem from the English text book.

The student stands up and starts reading the poem as


" The  Ku....Kukkilitty




(The sound of it is better expressed in Tamil)

Initial reaction from the teacher
Then turns to
At last

He slowly approaches Mr.குக்கிலிட்டி ஆப் மெற்க்கி (Kukkility Op Merkky) in his own unique demeanor and says "See how nicely he is reading!"


(remember 'Karate Master')

"Rap!" on the left
(it's not a slap, his raps are unique, only those who have the distinction of receiving it would know. )


"Rap!!!!" on the right

Mr. குக்கிலிட்டி ஆப் மெற்க்கி (Kukkility Op Merkky) can only hear
"ங்ங்ங்ஙொய்ய்ய்ய்.........." (bee buzzing) for next one hour


What is this "குக்கிலிட்டி ஆப் மெற்க்கி" (Qukkility Op Merkky)? 💭

I leave it to you guys

Have a fun filled evening 😆😂😁

(The poem starts like "The Quality of Mercy is strained....." from Merchant of Venice😂)

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