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MyKitchen: Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani Before lighting the stove The biryani that I'm talking about here is the one unique to Tamilnadu. People in Tamilnadu like the biryani to be little juicy and not dry like it is prepared elsewhere. Even if you are from other regions, please give it a try. This is one variation which you would like to savor now and then. There are references to 'ஊன்சோறு' which roughly translates to 'meat rice' in ancient Tamil literature like Silappathigaaram and Puranaanuru. 'ஊன்சோறு'was always prepared and served after a victory to mark the celebration. The tradition of 'ஊன்சோறு' was discontinued, but got revived in a different form after Biryani was introduced to India.  But still the Biryani of Tamilnadu stands out from others by the following characteristics 1) Small grain rice is used, since a rice grain without any flavor on its own is preferred. The rice has to soak all the flavors of the masala and meat. Basmati is not prefe