MySchoolMemoirs: The Sweet Souvenir


This narration is about the events that unfolded during our primary and high school buddies’ re-union after almost three decades.

It is a harmonious journey, a journey that we would savor all along our lifetime. I have chosen appropriate musical terms as subheadings.

A short description of the musical terminologies.

Prelude: A short piece of introductory music

Interlude: A piece of music rendered between parts of a song

Melody: A sequence of satisfying musical notations

Harmony: The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect

Counterpoint: Multiple contrasting melodies (contrapuntal motion) played together, resulting in a harmony. A signature feature of most of Maestro Ilayaraja’s compositions (‘Poomalaiye Thol Serava…’ is an easy example to understand counterpoints. Note the two voices simultaneously overlapping each other beautifully. Master of Masters!).

Cresendo: A swelling and overwhelming sound(produces a chill)

Finale: Exciting last part of a musical piece

I am certainly not distracting the readers from the subject.  If you have skipped the short descriptions, please do peruse it once.

I can hear your mind voice Vin😉d. The above note is particularly for you. I know you have started smiling !

The Prelude

The prelude to frenzy started on June 7th 2017.  I was casually checking my FB page and was surprised to see a message from Vinod, my primary school buddy.

“Hi Kavi, How r u, Tried calling your number, looks like u changed ur number” read the message.

Once I shared my number the next message came
"Can I add you to the Kgiri Friends group. We have Vasu, Dhaya, Srini, Vijay and Gnana?"

But before I could respond, I get a notification in my whatsapp that I have been added to the group. There were only 6 of us in the group and once we added Dharmaraj, it grew exponentially within couple of days.

Vasu sets a target and we were 46 soon. We started exchanging phone calls and the obvious started happening. A desire for a re-union!

There was not much deliberation on the date since Dhaya's arrival made it easy to fix it on 29th Saturday

The time that we did spend on social media and on phone calls was initially noticed with awe, later envied and at times penalised by people around us.

I started laughing aloud frequently and was reprimanded couple of times doing it in the middle of the night.

We finalized the venue and started making arrangement.

There was an intense argument with Dharmaraj couple of days before the event, but all was for good.

Dharmaraj! Cometh the hour, Cometh the Man!

The Melody

Meanwhile, Vinod gets into the exclusive St.Anne’s group and one by one all St.Annes buddies got added.

What a warm welcome it was! I was bombarded with queries for quite some time. Some specialists in the group do it well.😆

An Idea was floated about spending half a day exclusively with St.Anne’s buddies at the school and later for lunch at a restaurant nearby.

Dhaya ensured that we get entry in to the school and Sangeetha volunteered to make all arrangements for the lunch.

All set. We eagerly awaited for 29th.

The Interlude

Keeping in mind the arrival of Vasu and Vinod on 28th afternoon, a thought was floated to experience the resort a day before. This was required to entertain Arul who had work until 28th and was departing the next day.

I decided to catch up with  Vinod and Vasu at the airport and when I was about to start Vijay could not resist coming along.

We were there right on time and the fun started there. Vasu, Vinod and myself shouting happily at each other from a distance like kids. Kids we are!

Gnana joined us on the way and we arrived at the resort in the evening.

The party began!

The Harmony

Arthi was teasing us with whatsapp messages on whether we could make it to St.Annes on time. We entered the campus at 9:59 AM!

Arthi and Sangeetha were there already. We greeted each other and one by one buddies started trickling in. 

It was so overwhelmingly nostalgic to be at a school that you entered as a toddler. The structure and layout has changed but the main building remained the same.

We just started conversing with each other for a long time and I started clicking pictures. By this time the crowd swelled to around 30. Group pics were taken and we entered the main building and to the 5 'A' class room (used to be in 1982). We spent some time there and started to GBHSS. 

Sangeetha was bit disappointed but we promised that we will be there at the restaurant in 30 minutes.

We reached GBHSS, which has totally transformed. Tried to identify our classrooms. And Siva recounted that once I threatened to stab him with a compass in the 8A Class!😝 

Myself, Vasu and Siva started to the restaurant.

The Counterpoint

Arrived at the restaurant and this was exclusively for the St.Annes buddies. I was pleased to meet Akhtar. Suprised to see her remain the same innocent self. 😊

It was a group of around 16 and there were independent discussions going on among various small groups. Though there were independent discussions the entire room had a harmonious feel.  It felt fantastic! (remember counterpoint 😌)

It was Arthi's birthday. Great coincidence and we did celebrate with a cake.

Time flew and couple of hours was never enough! 

I tried explaining Sangeetha, who strongly doubted whether I have a job or not, the nature of my job. She appeared to be convinced now. I hope so😝

Though the time was not enough, Amazing experience it was.

It was time to reach the resort for the Finale

The Cresendo

We all started to the KRP dam and spent an hour there. Vinod and Arul went into the housing colony and identified the homes that they resided almost 4 decades ago. 

We assembled at Mageshwaran's parking facility and started moving to the resort. 

Myself, Siva, Saravanan, Thyagu and other had a good swim at the swimming pool and by the time the party has reached a feverish pitch

Everyone started savoring the food of their choice and introducing each other. It was difficult to identify some. I met S. Arunkumar who never used to speak with me when we were in school. I took some time to identify him but we both felt very happy

There was a briefing session where individuals were asked to say a few words about their family. 

The way Sridhar reacted seeing each one of us, I'm sure  every living cell of his was filled with happiness and affection.

The emotions were running high and it was overwhelming. Most of us didn't sleep until 2 in the morning

Ecstatic Moments!

The Finale

Morning there was a session where Ram sang his favorite numbers and we had a hour long session chit chatting. Few took a dip in the swimming pool.

After breakfast, Vinod, Vasu, Siva and Myself visited my home at Hosur. Beautiful moment it was. 

By the time we reached the resort, people from distant places have started leaving. We had our lunch and started to Krishnagiri.

I tried to satisfy Vasu's desire to visit the town in totality. I managed to take him to few places in all directions. 

I took him to the street where he lived 3 decades ago. Jakkapan nagar first cross! 

I dropped Vasu at his relative's place at Hosur. 

It was time for a good sleep after 3 days of intense activity.

It felt amazing that after 30 years we were able to get together in one place forgetting all the differences.

The entire experience can be expressed shortly in Tamil as below

காலம் மறந்து, கர்வமும் துறந்து​,
கள்ளம் மறைந்து, கபடமும் கரைந்து,
தகுநிலை துறந்து, தன்னிலை மறந்து,
இனிதாய் இணைந்து, இசையாய் கலந்து,
இதயம் நிறைத்த இன்னிகழ்வு!

Copyright © 2017 by Kavi Venkatesan

All Rights Reserved


  1. Kavi, the flow was electric and very vivid. The GTG was captured by your word camera, as it was, in short picturesque. I was happy that myself and Vijay could reach the resort on friday night, though little late, but was still on time. Great evening we had. Back, home I realized, I took the privilege and entered the "Counterpart" even as a non-st.Annes student., also, remembered for posing pictures, in the same frenzy attitude of the school going boy running from home to play cricket with known or unknown set of friends. Iam happy, I did so and I felt very lucky to be part of my good friend's memorable birthday party.
    In fact, your style of writing kindles others to write as well

    "We inherit shyness and charcter from mother,
    Stubborness and attitude from father,
    We all can experience peace from meditation,
    but soulful joyousness only with the connect of child hood friends"

    If rebirth is certain, then I wish it to be only with my good memorable childhood friends.

    I request everyone to post their comments in the blog, than in the group., thank you.

    Mobile : 9600082045

  2. Hi Kavi, it's very touching and impressive. You expressed in such a way that I can imagine myself being there with you all too. This is the very first blog of yours that I read through and I'm really so very impressed. I can't imagine if it can be expressed in any better way.

    I wish I were there in the GBHSS re-union. Let's plan for it again sometime in the near future.


  3. Hi Kavi your nerration is very vibrant and lively which is like an musical notes passing thru the flute emerging an rythemic melody songs.Get ready for our next get to geother In Singapore for which u have to prepare more effective presentation that has to beat Bahubali records .....Hats off to you Friend. Regards sumathi


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