MySchoolMemoirs: The Missile That Brought A 'Chappal' Crashing Down!

Venue: GBHSS, 635001, 10th Standard 'A' Section

Date: Someday in 1987

The English teacher has just left after completing the last but one session before lunch.

The class, which had a strength of over hundred, would go berserk during breaks. A teacher from the adjacent ladies staff room would make a visit to contain the noise when the decibels become unbearable!

Though it was an all boys schools, popular sport during the breaks is to target each other with paper missiles.😀

Paper missiles, that goes off the target, would get stuck in the cobwebs spread across the tiled roof .

But we had an innovative way of bringing the missiles down by throwing one from the pair of chappal at the missile.  Environment friendly we were, three decades ago 😛

Next in session is History & Geography, taught by Mr.BlinkMohan (Name Changed -He had a funny mannerism of blinking both his eyes frequently)

On this particular day, the commotion was at its peak and an expert missile retriever threw his chappal to retrieve a missile.

The missile came down, but his chappal got stuck in a steel girder  😂

And as if scripted, Mr.BlinkMohan makes the entry! 😬

The noise settles down to a dreadful silence!😨

 He borrows a book from a front desk boy and sits comfortably on the chair. (I don't remember Mr.BlinkMohan stand and deliver)

He opens the book and turns the pages to the right lesson and spreads the book on the table.

'Crash.......' comes the chappal down and lands right on the book.   😂

Perfect touch down it was , but Mr.BlinkMohan takes off.

His blinking rate raises to a feverish pitch.

"Who did this?" barks Mr.BlinkMohan

Pensive Silence!

And our clever missile retriever! Out goes the other chappal through the window 😰 (It was not uncommon to come barefoot those days. Few were barefoot)

Mr.BlinkMohan points at the chappal and asks "Whose chappal is this?"

Stoic Silence!

We knew what was coming, but none of us opened our mouth.

Mr.BlinkMohan goes wild and thrashes as many as he can until the cane breaks. Many got deep bruises.

Funny incident it was, but I always wonder at the amazing resolve we had in protecting our friend.  That is what high school buddies are capable of.

It was natural and spontaneous!

The couplet below would be apt

“உடுக்கை இழந்தவன் கைபோல ஆங்கே
இடுக்கண் களைவதாம் நட்பு.”
” Friendship comes to rescue at the right time like the involuntary motion of a hand that prevents one's clothe from falling off ” 

Copyright © 2017 by Kavi Venkatesan

All Rights Reserved


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