MySchoolMemoirs: Inhibitive Adolescence!

Venue: Tuition Center
Date: Someday in 1987

Every person would have faced embarrassing moments in his/her lifespan. This is one such incident!

 It is a custom to have a farewell party on the last day of public exams. A similar event was organized at the private tuition that I attended.

All of us assembled at the teacher’s home. Boys on the terrace and girls in the ground floor (The tuition teachers ensured a safe distance between the boys and girls. There was always a boundary)

Few of my classmates used to stay at the teacher’s home for night study. And they did their part for the farewell.  Sneaked into the nearby vineyard the previous night and brought a sack full of sour grapes for the party!

Some boys kept rolling grapes to the girls, who were waiting downstairs, through the rainwater drainpipe.

Guys do innovate!

The party was about to begin
The tuition teacher comes upstairs to check the arrangements.

He asks  me “Kavi, Can you go and bring <something> from the bookshelf?”

I climb down and enter the hall. Few girls were standing in one corner and as usual, I head straight to the bookshelf to get whatever the teacher has asked for.

I was searching in the bookshelf, consciously turning away from the girls. 

One of the girls said to me “Kavithan, your shirt looks good!”

(I was wearing a shirt with bright rose-colored checks on white. I used to wear whatever my parents used to buy me then).

I did not say a word.

I did not even look at her.

I just turned around,

Swiftly walked towards the door,

Sprinted upstairs!

Following could be the possible inferences of my behavior

Gynophobia (fear of girls),



Expressive Inhibition

Whatever may be the inference; this is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. It keeps haunting me all through!

Now the interesting part.

What could have been the girl’s reaction?

I am sure it could not be better than the one below

‘Can I’? (Sound it in Tamil)

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