MySchoolMemoirs: A Thought

A Thought 

I salute the individuals who formed and are coordinating this group. 🙏

Getting in touch with primary school friends after 3 decades is an amazing experience! 👌😂💃😇

Let us value this association by stripping down some of our attributes viz. ego, status, education. 😣

Good to normalize ourselves and go back to the school days. I mean the childhood innocence. 👦👧👶

It is a handy eraser of all ill thoughts.

By nature, NONE IS PERFECT. MOREOVER, TO BE PERFECT IS NOT NATURAL. That is how we subconsciously identify something as natural or manufactured. Do think about it!💭

If some post offends you, believe that the person may not have intended so. Wipe it off with the innocence eraser. It comes handy. Lest, we would not be surviving 15 to 25 yrs of marriage.😉

Participation and expressing oneself is key in preserving associations like this. Feel free to express. It is not good to be silent always.🙇

In Vasu’s words ‘maintain the Hygiene and Health of this group’. He is hell bent on that👍

Let us Participate and Preserve!👐

Have a relaxing weekend💃💤👪☺

Posted by Kavi Venkatesan in a whatsapp group on 7th July 2017 15:23 hrs
(written to my school buddies in a whatsapp group to encourage participation and to neutralize ill thoughts)

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  1. i agree kavi we should throw away all our egos when it comes to friendship


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